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Employment Information

Production technology and process design engineer

Production technology and process design engineer full-time employee
full-time employee As a prospective leader in the Engineering Department, responsible for production technology development, process design, and processing technology development to implement machine processing of aircraft parts. Primary duties will be production technology development, new process design, process improvement, process optimization, making instructions, elaborating manufacturing quality, R&D of machining technique. Specifically you will be in charge of process design that endures mass production by taking into consideration the traits of matching, grinding, surface processing, water jet, and other special process after precise understanding of customers' design concept.
When implementing jig design and QA standard setting that are necessary during the process, you will communicate and propel the operation with other departments such as Quality Assurance or Production Administration. You will need knowledge about industrial materials, CAD/CAM, facilities, however, due to rapid progress, you will be required to promote development by bench-marking world trends constantly. At AeroEdge, you will be challenged to develop new mass production techniques for materials and configurations that the world has not yet achieved. In addition to utilizing your specialties in the areas above, you will be in charge of educating subordinates as future leaders. You will also strengthen necessary skills as a top class technician (problem solving, presentation skills, team work, and cooperation with people inside and outside the company) by following the instructions of the directors from Technology Integration/Control and Operation Integration/Control, and teach your team members what you learned through OJT. Preparing reports for customers is also an important part of your role.
Academic background University or higher degree
University or higher degree Five years or more experience of the above-mentioned jobs in industries as aircraft, automobile, major heavy manufacturing industry, medium established machining makers. Persons with the knowledge and experience of tool making machining and jig design are welcomed. Experience of 3D-CAD Preferred (i.g. CATIA V5、UG-NX). English proficiency preferred.
Lisence/Certificate required N/A
Age late 20's to 30's
Others/Notes Salary: 200,000-400,000 yen (depending on experience and qualifications)

Quality Assurance Department - nondestructive inspection G

Type of employment full-time employee
Occupation Special process / nondestructive inspection
Inspections for product defects and chemical treatment utilizing fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI)
and X-ray inspection system. Constructing in-house nondestructive inspection system.
Academic background University or technical college degree or higher
Required Experience knowledge and accreditation/qualification about JJSNDI and public standards of overseas regarding nondestructive inspections, surface treatment
nondestructive inspection expericnce.
aerospace nondestructive inspection experience welcomed
Knowledge and handling experience of chemicals.
Required Experience persons with JISZ2305 welcomed
persons with NAS410 welcomed
"Person Responsible for Handling Poisons and Deleterious Substances" certificate welcomed
English proficiency preferred
Age under 45 years old
Others/Notes Salary: 200,000-400,000 yen (depending on experience and qualifications)