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Aiming to create new value and our future growth, AeroEdge is focusing on AM ; Additive Manufacturing tehcnology. We carried out the business as a service bureau, and are prototyping a new business model.

What is Additive Manufacturing?

AM - Additive Manufacturing

AM-Additive Manufacturing is one of the cutting-edge technologies known as 3D Printing, with the potential to dramatically transform manufacturing methods and supply chains. To maximize the value created by AM, AeroEdge understands that we should recognize some points such as functional improvement and weight reduction with an optimized structure, simplifying the supply chain and reduction of assembly costs by parts integration, and execution of digital engineering with other advanced technologies.

Why AM by AeroEdge?

For companies like AeroEdge whose core competence is machining process, AM technology could be a threat because this new technology can drastically reduce the machining process. Borders on the value chain from "planning" and "design" to "manufacturing" are blurry since AM technologies and markets are still in the early stage. From our perspective, AM technology brings us a chance to jump into the upstream processes in the value chain as a game changer. AeroEdge is challenging to create new value with AM technology, including optimized structural design, advanced product planning, new material development, and numerical analysis.

Why AM by AeroEdge ?

AM Engineering Consulting

What AeroEdge can offer

AeroEdge provides engineering services/consulting to support customers in their studies of AM applications. We can flexibly offer to the customer's phase, part selection, design, prototyping, cost estimation, planning of quality assurence.

+ AM prototype

With the capability of machining process development, we provide integrated services from modeling to post-processing and inspection. We can also propose a shape that maximizes the benefits of AM (Additive Manufacturing), such as structural optimization, weight reduction, and part integration, or propose a shape change that takes into account the constraints of the AM process.

+ AM consulting

We can support our customers in all of areas, defining of the issue, product design, process design, prototyping, and the establishment of a quality assurance system. Only switching of manufacturing methods from conventional process to AM could not maximize the value of AM (Additive Manufacturing) and may only lead to higher costs. AeroEdge would understand the design concept and the background of products at the initial stage of a study, and support the selection of the "right parts" that can achieve the economical benefits.

Consulting Flow



Arcam / GE Additive A2X

Arcam / GE Additive A2X

Powder bed fusion type with an electron beam, capable of forming complex structures.

  • Size: X210Y210Z380 or X150Y150Z380
  • Materials: TiAl, Ti64, Inconel718 and other Ni-based alloys, cobalt alloys, copper alloys
DMG森精機 / Lasertech65 DED hybrid

DMG MORI / Lasertech65 DED hybrid

Directed energy deposition with a laser, capable of building and repair of large parts, rapid build speed.

  • Size : Φ500*400
  • Materials : Ni-base alloys such as Inconel 718, stainless steel, tool steel, cobalt alloys, copper alloys


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