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Kenichi Katahira
Kenichi KatahiraQuality Assurance Department

I joined AeroEdge in April, 2016. I was interested in Manufacturing, especially in the field of aerospace. So before coming to AeroEdge, I was in charge of production engineering and quality control at a local manufacturer for aircraft engine parts (turbine blades and compressor blades, etc.) While making use of manufacturing concepts I learned in my previous job, I'm working on my tasks with the words of AeroEdge's management philosophy, "independence" and "creativity" in mind.

Toshiaki Tsubuku
Toshiaki TsubukuEngineering Department Production Engineering Group
Assistant Manager

I've always enjoyed making things by hand. When I was a small child, I often built plastic models. When I grew up, I got interested in automobiles and aircrafts, and was hoping to get a manufacturing job in which I can deal with those.
In my previous job, I experienced a wide variety of work from machining center, grinding, production administration of sample parts, engineering, and sales. Among those experiences, the concept of manufacturing I learned there is now leveraged in my current job as a production engineer for turbine blades mass production.

Nanako Yanagida
Nanako YanagidaPlanning and Administration Department Accounting and IT Promotion Group

I had no experience in my current job because I previously worked at a banking institution. But I am working hard every day, making use of my 10-year career. I have two children now, so I'm always trying to use my limited time effectively. Working makes me feel refreshed, and it gives a good effect on my child-rearing. I enjoy both working and child-rearing in good balance.

Atsuo Inoue
Atsuo InoueManufacturing Department

In my previous job, I was in charge of production management, purchasing, sales, and non-processing jobs for many years. And now, I'm at the core of manufacturing. I continuously devote myself to my duty for efficient and stable production by making use of my experience in manufacturing.

About Hiring/Employment

Our basic policy is to constantly tackle new things with the slogan "to create one from zero". Indeed, there are many difficult things, perhaps you may not be able to simply apply the experience and knowledge that you have cultivated so far. However, there is no doubt that it is a rewarding workplace that repeats trial and error with fellows and overcomes hurdles with obsession. Those who would like to devote a period of your life to develop globally meaningful work and newly show the way of manufacturing industry in Japan are looking forward to your application.