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Aero Egde

June 1st, 2020Press Release
Face shields made by AeroEdge donated to the city of Ashikaga.

AeroEdge Co.,Ltd (Head Office: Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture, CEO: Jun Morinishi) visited Ashikaga City Hall on 2020/5/28 and delivered face shields designed and manufactured in-house to Ashikaga City’s mayor.

These face shields were manufactured using Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) technology, which is one of the research and development fields of AeroEdge. In addition to metal Additive Manufacturing on which we have been working on for a long time, we had been considering expanding the scope of our efforts to include plastic materials, and took to the opportunity of COVID-19 to introduce a polymer 3D printer.
Our in-house engineers designed the face shield independently, making full use of the strengths of metal Additive Manufacturing by making more than 5 model changes in a single week and complete the project. We would like all medical professionals and hospitality workers who work in Ashikaga City to use these face shields.

With the expansion of COVID-19, Japan and the world are facing unprecedented situations. In these times whose consequences are difficult for everyone to predict, we thought “What can we do?” “How can we best help in this special period?”, and we came up with the idea to manufacture face shields using AeroEdge’s technology. In order to overcome this critical phase, we want AeroEdge to continue to be a company that can contribute to society and communities in various ways.

Our president Jun Morinishi (center of the photo) and Takayuki Imoto (left of the photo), who oversaw manufacturing, present the actual face shield to Ashikaga’s Mayor Satoshi Izumi (right).

Face shield made by AeroEdge.  Grey parts were made using 3D printing.

Face shield made by AeroEdge.
Grey parts were made using 3D printing.

Face shield made by AeroEdge. Actual design when fitted on.


AeroEdge was founded in 2016 in in Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture, to focus on mass production of aircraft engine parts in accordance with the long-term agreement with a French aerospace giant, Safran Aircraft Engines, which manufactures the next generation aircraft engine, ”LEAP.”
We’re striving to respond to any need of manufacturing solution and any change of business environment in order to keep our technical and competitive edges.
AeroEdge is trying to maximize autonomy and creativity working with enthusiasm toward innovative achievements that have never been done before. Our mission statement “Create one from zero” is the basics to create new value in the world and contribute to happiness of the people.

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