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Aero Egde

July 20th, 2018News Release
AeroEdge R&D Theme Selected by METI for Its Support Industry Program

AeroEdge Co., Ltd. (Head Office & Plant: 482-6, Teraokacho, Ashikaga, Tochigi) announces that its business plan has been selected in fiscal year 2018 by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for its Advancement Program of Strategic Core Technologies (Supporting Industry program).

The Advancement Program of Strategic Core Technologies is a policy integrated in the “Act on the Enhancement of Strategic Manufacturing Core Technologies in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises”. The objective of small and medium sized enterprises designated as “Specific Research and Development Plan” is to accelerate the development of R&D, prototypes and new markets, and to contributto the advancement of manufacturing core technologies, with collaboration between industrial and academic organizations.

As one of the 126 proposals selected (out of 329 proposals submitted nationally), AeroEdge’s significance, innovative spirit and concrete plan was recognized to take the lead in aerospace technologies R&D, and our company will renew its efforts to give shape to the pursuit of leading-edge technologies, and ttheir industrialization.

The R&D theme selected is ” R&D Regarding the Improvement of Processing Technologies for Parts (Jet Engine Parts, etc.) Using Next Generation Materials Such as TiAl Alloy”. AeroEdge focuses on the development of metallic additive manufacturing technologies, for which examples of application have been increasing especially in Europe and the USA. Our goal is to establish core technologies in product design and new manufacturing processes for TiAl Alloy by intensifying globally our collaboration with corporations and research institutes.